Everyone has a loyalty card!

Loyalty programs are the most powerful marketing programs used by almost every major consumer-based corporation in the world.

Customers adapt their behavior based on reward. Thus, for your end user – the member or customer – the ability to choose to accrue or redeem points when purchasing through the portal is a feature that will have them coming back for more.

Best of all, through the sourcing power of Leisure Loyalty, members will never pay the full rate for travel – and the discounted rate will always be the cheapest available online. Members can also use or accrue points for shopping online at leading retailers.

It’s a system designed for our industry that will benefit both the customer and their end users through a simple, transparent and easy-to-use online portal. 

We’re here to help

Our team will be happy to walk you through the various models of loyalty that can be tailored to suit your business and your budget. And, what’s more, we can have you up and running in a shorter time than you might think.

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